Stockton Rhetoric & Composition #1: January 14th


  1. Introductions/Attendance
  2. Syllabus/Website/Assignment Review


  1. Course Syllabus
  2. Course Questionnaire


1. Post my website in your favorites. Subscribe to follow, so you get e-mail notifications when I post. Follow me on Twitter (@JoeCostal ). We will have a Twitter project on-going through the school year, so if you are not signed up, please do so. See me with concerns,

2. Download and thoroughly read your syllabus. This is an extremely important document. Read it, but like, for real. 

3. Complete this questionnaire. Follow the directions at the top, please. This is your first real assignment of the semester, so let’s review how I would like all assignments turned in.

  • Open Google Docs (all of you have access to Google Drive through your Stockton e-mail address).
  • Name the title using the following format LastName Assignment (i.e. Costal Questionnaire) 
  • Go to “SHARE” (the blue button in the upper right hand corner. Share with me (
  • You have now submitted the assignment.


  1. Jaquelyn Lakhan says:

    For instance, if you may condition your child to attract lots of pie photos
    when learning fractions, he/she will be able to study to visualize fractions as
    ‘pies’. . Usually, the flawed chip generated a
    barely inaccurate answer for only some pairs of numbers.


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