Stockton College Writing #2: September 10, 2018

Great teachers are not necessarily systematic thinkers. The very act of teaching is against us – Theodore Roethke


  1. Remember 330 class does not begin until 415. 6pm class starts ON TIME!
  2. Have questions from your readings Shoeless Joe, Purdue OWL Guide to Narratives
  3. Have a hard copy of completed questionnaire with you in class today.



  1. Questions about “writing narratives”
  2. Questionnaire Activity
  3. Reading Quiz (if time)
  4. Personality Assessment Fun (if time)




1. Exchange and read one another’s questionnaires. No speaking. No discussion. No qualifying. (3 MINS)

2. Star your six favorite, most interesting answers. Again, no discussing or qualifying (this is important) from your partner’s questionnaire (5 MIN).

3. Now, discuss the answers you chose (5 MIN)

3. From those, choose three of the most interesting things about your partner to introduce to the class.

4. Add your partner’s name (duh), hometown and major. Then switch (5 MIN).

5. We will introduce one another to the class (20 MIN).

Image result for field of dreams ray kinsella

#2: Reading Quiz

  1. What is Costal’s First Rule of Writing. Write at least two sentences interpreting the meaning of the rule.
  2. Identify three things Ray loves (from Shoeless Joe Chapter One). For each thing, provide at least one sentence describing how you know Ray loves this thing.




  1. Read this narrative by David Sedaris (listen to the author read the narrative below). As you read, consider what you learned about narratives from the Purdue OWL (and any questions posed in class today) Be prepared for Wednesday, to further discuss the quality of this piece and “how” it evinces the tenets of good narrative.

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