Stockton Rhetoric & Composition #2: January 16, 2019

Great teachers are not necessarily systematic thinkers. The very act of teaching is against us – Theodore Roethke


  1. a print out out of the answers to your questionnaire. 
  2. questions about the syllabus. 


  1. Icebreaker
  2. Review the syllabus
  3. Introduction activity 
  4. Assignment Review


  1. Course Syllabus
  2.  Course Questionnaire
  3. Intro to the Purdue OWL web site
  4. Purdue OWL guide to Writing Narratives
  5. Chapter One of Shoeless Joe
  6. Glossary of Grammatical Usage from Hunter College
  7. “The Callout” Episode of Invisibilia from National Public Radio


  1. Many of you are probably familiar with the Purdue OWL. We will use this site this year to get resources without a text and keep costs down. Whether or not you have ever used the site, there is a new intro to read (#3) to become familiar with the form and function of the site.
  2. Then, read the OWL’s guide to writing narratives (#4). Since the narrative is our first formal paper this semester, be sure to pay attention. I will take questions on this Monday.
  3. Read Chapter One of Shoeless Joe by WP Kinsella (#5), (approximately 19 pages). Be prepared to discuss this on Monday. Pay special attention to the characters and setting. You do not need to remember fine details of the piece. Just understand the basic ideas.
  4. Peruse the glossary of grammatical usage (#6). You do not need to study it, but get an idea of the rules. Question yourself. Are there any of these you did not know? How many?
  5. Since we do not have class on Monday, January 21st, please listen to the NPR Invisibilia podcast about the “Call Out” culture (#7). You will be asked a general question about the show in Wednesday’s quiz. So consider the overall thesis of the show as you listen.

***Please NOTE: This work should be completed for class. The assignments posted on the blog will always be due AFTER the class meeting. In other words, the blog is meant as a companion of the course lecture/discussion/activities. All assignments, unless otherwise noted, are due at  the subsequent class.  

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