Stockton Rhetoric & Composition Class #4: February 4th, 2019

I love deadlines. I love the whooshing sound they make as they rush by. – Doug Adams



Have hard copy of FE #1. 


  1. Five minutes on the Grammar Quiz
  2. Costal’s Keys to Writing: 
    1. SHOW don’t tell
    2. Good writing equals strong verbs/modifiers 
    3. Writing IS Re-writing
  3. We Fall…/Narrative Edit: To Be Trap & Simple Read-through



  1. Narrative final REVISION in by class on Monday. 

2. Read “How to Mark a Book” from The Saturday Review by Mortimer Adler.

3. Blog Post #2: Read this article from the Atlantic Monthly that asks the question: “Have Cellphones Destroyed a Generation?” 

In a post of your own, discuss your own battles with “connection distress.” Using the Atlantic Monthly article to back your point. Remember that you can make any point about your generation and cell phones. You can use anecdotal evidence. Just be sure your post speaks to at least one the broader issues explored in the article. Create a citation for the article in your response. Due Monday. approx. 300 words. 

Twenge, J. (2017, September) Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation? Atlantic          Monthly. Retrieved from:

REMEMBER, because your blog has not yet been created, just write this and hold on to it for now. 


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