Stockton Writing Class #6: September 26 & October 1, 2018: FAMILY DAY!



BEFORE YOU COME TO CLASS (Updated for October 1): 

  1. Don’t sleep on the Usage site I asked you to be familiar with.
  2. Have access to FE #1


  1. Read the 2nd Narrative! Be ready to discuss!
  2. Read Atlantic Monthly piece AND You Can Find Love Now.  Have access to a digital or hard copy of “You Can Find Love Now” by Ramona Ausubel. Whatever you are more comfortable working in.
  3.  I wanted to re-post this disclaimer and feel sure we ALL understand:

You need an average of at least 70% or a grade of C to pass this course, and you must demonstrate proficiency on the learning objectives of the course.  Students get two tries to pass College Writing with a C or face dismissal from the College. If you earn a grade lower than a C for this course, you have one more chance to fulfill the College’s first-year competency requirement in writing by enrolling in FRST 1101 next term. If you fail to earn at least a C on this second attempt you are subject to dismissal from the College. If you wish to withdraw from this course, you will need to obtain written permission from the FRST Program Coordinator, Dr. Heather McGovern, and the course faculty member (me). A withdrawal (W) counts as an official attempt, and you would have one more chance (in your next active semester) to take and pass the course or face dismissal from the College.

Notes on upcoming dates of class: 

Monday, October 1st: Costal’s 3:30 College Writing class will not begin until 4:15pm (regular room)

On, Wednesday, October 3rd: Costal’s 3:30 College Writing class will be cancelled. 

***Costal’s 6pm class will meet as scheduled BOTH DAYS. 



  1. Reading Quiz
  2. FE #2: Assignment specs & resources review
  3. Meet Your Families (Start-Up Time & first assignments)
  4. Family Fun #1 (grammar quiz synthesis)
  5. (if time) Family Fun #2: Prep for Ausubel discussion in families



Reading Quiz: (You may use “The Waiting” by Brian Mockenhaupt for this quiz)

  1. Write three sentences explaining the narrative effect of the piece.
  2. Provide an example of Mockenhaupt’s using effective repetition (a series of three) to accentuate his point.  Provide a specific example from the text and three sentences describing its effect.
  3. Choose an exemplary moment from the narrative. Provide a specific example from the text and three sentences describing its effect.
  4. What is your “horizon of expectation” for this piece? Write three sentences describing how your “horizon” affected your reading.



Formal Essay #2: Issue Analysis #1: Does technology make us more alone?

Prompt questions here. 

Other resources explored in class. 

Paper should be at least two and a half typed pages. Have access in class on Monday (hard or digital). Cite any sources used in APA format. Use sources. Be conscious of writing a thesis that presents an arguable answer to the prompts. Be aware of introduction. This is a rough draft for an paper style we will explore IN DEPTH this semester.

**Remember this assignment from Week One for next week, please…

Peruse this Glossary of Grammatical Usage provided by the good people of Hunter College in NYC.


  1. Header: Your name, time of class, Formal Essay #
  2. SHOW ME! Tell a single story. SOME of you are JUST DESCRIBING CRAP…mostly your feelings. Or you are telling me ALL about something?
  3. Be concrete…the vagueness game
  4. Watch tense shifts in verbs. Be aware and read it aloud. If you want to stay in past tense (and for the most part you do, CNTRL + F present tense verbs like “is” and “am” to root out problems.
  5. Avoid the “and then” … “and then” syndrome
  6. Passive/active voice
  7. Don’t miss a chance for direct dialog.
  8. ww = wrong word / sp = spelling

student work examples.

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