Stockton Rhetoric & Composition Class #6: February 13, 2019: FAMILY DAY!



  1. Meet Your Family! Family Names & Grammar Games (synthesize the quizzes)
  2. Family Read Around & Discussion (Have you been guilty of these, if so, which one and describe how you fall into the “trap” of this style of introduction)
  3. FE #2: Assignment specs & resources review
  4. Process with your Family: Purpose to persuade, free-writing



Choose Your Claim: Modern technology is making our generation lonelier or sadder.

Despite the immense changes brought on by technology, it is not responsible for making my generation lonelier or sadder.

Narrowing Questions: 

  1. Without looking at the research/can I sum up my feelings on the claim?
  2. What information have I discovered that surprised me the most? (anecdotal introduction)
  3.  What information will my reader most need to know in order to be persuaded by my claim? (your evidence)

An analysis paper is basically the union of Question #1 to Question #3


Formal Essay #2: Issue Analysis #1: Does technology make us more alone?

Prompt questions here. 

Other resources explored in class. 

Paper should be at least two and a half typed pages. Have access in class on Monday (hard or digital). Cite any sources used in APA format. Use sources. Be conscious of writing a thesis that presents an arguable answer to the prompts. Be aware of introduction. This is a rough draft for an paper style we will explore IN DEPTH this semester.


  1. Header: Your name, time of class, Formal Essay #
  2. SHOW ME! Tell a single story. SOME of you are JUST DESCRIBING CRAP…mostly your feelings. Or you are telling me ALL about something?
  3. Be concrete…the vagueness game
  4. Watch tense shifts in verbs. Be aware and read it aloud. If you want to stay in past tense (and for the most part you do, CNTRL + F present tense verbs like “is” and “am” to root out problems.
  5. Avoid the “and then” … “and then” syndrome
  6. Passive/active voice
  7. Don’t miss a chance for direct dialog.
  8. ww = wrong word / sp = spelling

student work examples.

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