Stockton Writing Class #6A: October 3, 2018



The directions on this post are specifically for my 330pm COLLEGE WRITING class. These directions should be ignored by my 6pm COLLEGE WRITING students. They will meet with me for class as planned.

330pm Students: I have created a document for you to work in today. Families will come together to complete this assignment. Signing into this document will count as attendance for class. Share the copy with me for credit. Directions are in the document.


Below is a copy of the narrative we read in class. For AT LEAST each paragraph break of the narrative, write an annotation that describes a device, or concept the narrative uses to make it more readable, engaging and understandable for its audience. Here is a list of potential ideas you can work with: action verbs, alliteration, allusions, appositives, hyperbole, metaphor, onomatopoeia, sensory images, sentence variety, series of three, simile, snippet of dialogue, transitional phrases & word choice. Also think about the “narrative effect” and “dominant impression” of the piece.

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