Stockton Rhetoric & Composition Class #8: February 25 & 27, 2019



  1. Have a hard copy of FE #2 to work on/with 


  1. Questions about last week’s lecture
  2. Family Challenge: Effective Opener Feedback
  3. Family Challenge II: The Backwards Peer Edit
  4. Finish Costal Keys


Backwards Peer Edit instructions:

The Backwards Peer Edit —

A. Find a partner from your family, and sit so both can read from a single paper.

B. The writer holds the pen and makes all the editing decisions. Beginning with the FINAL sentence of the paper, the writer reads her concluding sentence to her editor.

C. Then, the writer begins by reading his/her paper backwards, beginning with the final sentence and reading each previous sentence until the first sentence. As the writer, reads aloud. s/he should edit for grammar and syntax. This exercise allows the reader to focus only on the grammar without becoming bogged down with the content or organization of the paper itself.

D. Editors switch roles. And rough drafts should be fixed accordingly on the document itself. THEN—the rough draft, with both editors names, should be turned in.E. The process should then be repeated for the other essay.

Costal’s 5 Keys: 

  1. Show, don’t tell
  2. Good writing = Strong Verbs
  3. Writing is rewriting, edit with your ears, not your eyes
  4. First impressions: Opening words matter most
  5. To write well, you gotta read well. Read well by reading close, like butter reads toast.

How to Evaluate a Document for Quality: 

  1. Are opinions adequately supported? Choose one opinion and show how the author supports it.
  2. Are facts verifiable? Give one example of a fact in the article of a verified fact.
  3. Is material out dated? If so, provide an example.
  4. Is the author credible? How do you know?
  5. Are sources cited? If so, what are they?
  6. Is the reasoning logical? Is it free of fallacy?


READ: From the Purdue Owl on parallel structure in sentences.



Blog Post #4:

Watch the videos included below from Cage the Elephant & Modest Mouse (respectively). See how the videos’ directors (Issac Rentz & Chris Milk) uses visual language to communicate theme. In many ways, “visual rhetoric” works the same as “compositional rhetoric.”

Choose one of the two videos to work with. Or, choose a common element found in each and consider both as comparison/contrast.

First, begin by analyzing the theme or central idea of the piece. How is this communicated in both broad and subtle ways? How, specifically, is metaphor used? How do the visuals work with the song itself (lyrics available online). Consider an “exemplary moment” and “horizon of expectation.”

Use direct reference to either the song or visuals in the video. APA citations for the videos are provided for you below the videos. No other sources are required for this assignment, but if you are welcome to use one, just would like to use one, be sure to cite and attribute.

Rentz, Issac. [CageTheElephantVEVO]. (2011, January 20). Shake Me Down. [Video File].        Retrieved from

Milk, Chris. [ModestMouseVEVO]. (2009, October 3). Ocean Breathes Salty. [Video File]. Retrieved from

Blog Post #5: 
Weekend Reading Assignments: 
We are going to dive into issues facing the national political scene. Trump’s bid for a border wall is dominating the news. 
There is an enduring sentiment that we live in times that can be called “post-truth.” The “fake news” ideology is strong, especially online; however, I have faith in how some outlets have really started to push the pendulum back towards truth.
Here are three separate news outlets that have fact-checked the recent state of the union: The Washington Post, CNN & public radio.
Read through these examples, find the a few facts and annotations that most interest you. For Blog Post #4, write the President’s words, the fact that either back or dismisses the words and the source for the fact-check. In the body of your blog, explore how the annotation illuminated the President’s words. What kinds of questions remain to get you more connected with the issue at hand?

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