Stockton Rhetoric & Composition Class #10A, March 18, 2019

Terror abound this weekend, the latest in Dutch city of Utrecht


  1. Before spring break, I asked you to share a quiz on parallelism. Since no one has done it yet, I am going to accept the blame for miscommunication, and ask that it is done by 8pm tonight. I will end class at 7pm SHARP to accommodate extra time for families to meet and accomplish this task (as well as the peer edit for .

2. Please have a printed copy of FE#3 with you in class tonight. Peer edit sh

3. Have read “This is Water” by David Foster Wallace (given to you by hard copy prior to spring break)


  1. Parallelism Quiz?
  2. Impromptu Notes inspired by FE #2
  3. FE #3 Edit
  4. “This is Water” discussion (review of key terminology for focus during annotation: “Horizon of Expectation” & “Exemplary Moment”)


  1. Parallelism Quiz due 8pm tonight
  2. FE #2 final changes & tonight’s peed editing sheet are due 11:59pm, Tuesday, March 19th. IF you DO NOT change your header, you will not receive credit.

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