Stockton Writing Class #10B: October 29 & 31, 2018



  1. Be ready with annotation and OFCARL analysis of the two articles given in class Wednesday.
  2. All essays should be edited and re-shared, re-titled if you expect more credit.



  1. Finish discussion analysis of article from last week (topic of Blog Post #5)
  2. Review upcoming assignments.
  3. Class Read: “Writing Off Reading” by Michael Skube




  1. Open a Google document (shared with family AND with me). Title it OFCARL Analysis (+ Your Family’s Name). 

Using the questions listed above (OFCARL), each member of each family will analyze three different articles found on the internet.

For each article, apply the OFCARL questions. Type your answers into the document. You should have a paragraph written for each article read. NO ARTICLE SHALL BE DUPLICATED!

Based on the credibility evaluations of the articles, each family, at the beginning of class on Monday, will determine the credibility as a whole.

On your paper for Monday, November 5th :

  1. APA citations for article chosen.
  2. Full-sentence answers to the questions posed above for each article (at least eight sentences describing the article and addressing the OFCARL questions).
  3. Be sure that you are NOT repeating articles with family members.

The topics to choose from: 

  1. Taiwanese tragedies of the past few weeks
  2. terrorism against past presidents and CNN
  3. nuclear tensions between US & Russia
  4. Midterm elections this November (voter fraud)
  5. “zero tolerance” Trump immigration policy
  6. Hurricane Michael / Hurricane Willa
  7. Snapchat controversies & news
  8. Judge Kavanaugh
  9. Bill Cosby Trial
  10. Pittsburgh shooting

2. Blog Post #6: 

Go back into essays #2 and #3. With a more critical eye on credibility, choose your least credible document from those essays. Identify the source you chose in the blog post (must include an APA citation for the piece). Using OFCARL, explain WHY you would replace this source if possible. Using the Stockton Databse, explain what source you would use to REPLACE the current source. Using OFCARL, defend the new source (also include an APA citation of the new source).

3. Read and annotate “The Money” by Junot Diaz. This piece originally appeared in The New Yorker in 2012.  (SPECIAL NOTE: we never discussed “You Could Find Love Now,” do a quick recap of that piece as well…plan to discuss both pieces on Wednesday, November 7th class). 


Post Meme Halloween Extra Credit (for the first family to succeed): The entire family who successfully Tweets their favorite horror movie. And why (within the character limit) gets a 100 quiz grade. 

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