Stockton Rhetoric & Composition Class #11: April 1, 2019



Family Challenge: Source Credibility 



In case, for any reason, you are still struggling with the database:

LINK to Costal’s video – Introduction to the Stockton database


Family Challenge Course Credibility Assignment:

Step 1: We RhoShamBeau for Choice of Sites: 

Buzzfeed: Nacho Average Squad

CNS News: Joe Costal Fan Club

Empire News

The Hill : Nerd Herd

Info Wars: Addams Family


News Punch: Not Fast, Just Furious

The Washington Examiner: C’s Get Degrees

Each of these sites have the following things in common: 1. they are self-proclaimed news sites.  2. They are among the initial sites carrying “news” upon my search for “Mueller report” on Google. 

Step #2: Using our OFCARL system for credibility, the family will use three recent articles to make a determination on whether or not the site in question can be deemed credible. Each family will submit a document AND a presentation to the class on Wednesday.

Step #3: THE DOCUMENT (On Google, shared among family and with Costal) will contain links and APA citations for the three articles used. For each article, the family will answer the OFCARL credibility questions below (each answer should contain a minimum of three sentences as its answer). Based on the answers, the family will determine whether the article is CREDIBLE OR NOT CREDIBLE. Based on the collection of articles, the family will determine the same for the site by adding an additional paragraph evaluating the site itself (approximately four paragraphs unless families are smaller — Costal will decide before you break).

Step #4: In class on Wednesday, the families will present the site, their articles and briefly summarize their findings. 

How to Evaluate a Document for Quality: OFCARL

  1. Are opinions adequately supported? Choose one opinion and show how the author supports it.
  2. Are facts verifiable? Give one example of a fact in the article of a verified fact.
  3. Is material out dated?
  4. Is the author credible? How do you know?
  5. What sources within the piece exist? Are they cited? Are they credible?
  6. Is the reasoning logical? Is it free of fallacy? Is it biased? Does it lean to one side of an issue or political spectrum? How do you know?
  7. What is the site’s purpose? Why do they exist? How do you know?


All revisions of FE #3 are due tomorrow night, Tuesday, April 2 by 11:59pm

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