Stockton Writing Classes #11A: November 7 & 12th, 2018

On Wednesday, November 7th, in lieu of class (if your schedule allows):

7:00-8:30 p.m.: Join us for a reading featuring the contributors of More Challenges for the Delusional, an anthology of Peter’s quirky writing prompts and the writing they inspired. The reading will conclude with a writing prompt to take away. Stockton University’s Art Gallery (room L-101b), 101 Vera King Farris Drive, Galloway, NJ. Free. 


On Monday, November 12, 2018: 

Class Activity: Writing Workshop Directions

  • Digitally share your FE#4 AND FE#3 with a family member.
  • Make a copy of both papers. Label each with the word EDIT accordingly. And add the names of all students involved. In other words, let’s say it’s my papers and Kanye West is my editor, then each paper should read:

Costal FE #3 Editor is K. West

Costal FE #4 Editor is K. West

  • At the end of your partner’s paper, add the following headers and your name (in a colored ink). For each concept, write at least two sentences explaining why the element either “worked well” or “did not work well.”
  • Please share the document with me. The timestamp on the shared document will count as credit for attending class on MONDAY, NOVEMBER 12th, anytime between 3pm and 8pm will count as attendance for our course.  
    • strategic/divisive introduction
      • Does it get the reader’s attention?
      • Does it set-up the thesis?
    • viable thesis (the claim)
      • Is the claim clear & appropriate?
      • Yellow highlight the sentence you believe to be the thesis
    • exemplary moment
      • Each paper’s BEST point or evidence should be highlighted in GREEN.
      • At the bottom, explain why you chose this moment.
    • evidence of reasons for claim
      • Highlight the paper’s BEST evidence in PINK
      • Highlight the paper’s WEAKEST evidence in LIGHT BLUE
    • well attributed & cited
      • Are all the sources credible? Are any scholarly?

***Also, be ready to do your OFCARL presentations on Wednesday, November 14th. 

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