Daddy Film School #4: NOSFERATU (1922)

I seriously consider NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD. I even consult with fellow film teacher (and the current proprietor of my former website about film) Ed Clark. He tells me to go for it. He has no kids. I try this instead.

The previous film was Hitchcock. They wanted something scarier. I don’t want to tangle with their mother, though, who is adamant that this little experiment will scar them for life.

CHARLIE (11): “Silent?! Are you kidding me. Next thing you’re going to tell me it’s black and white!”


THE WORRIES: Those kooky German expressionists & ol’ rat face himself. Too much? Nightmares of vampires riding man-eating sharks as the end of Daddy Film School?


BONUS: Good versions of this film are free on YouTube (see above).

As we watched, since we were at the desktop computer anyway, Charlie and I plan a Castle Dracula Halloween adventure we’ll never actually book.

This particular YouTube user soundtracks kills any chance at real terror. There’s a tasty vampire jazz to it. We call it “tasty high hat.” It’s impossible to feel scared while the music plays.

Also, we become hopelessly addicted to Nosferatu memes. Who wouldn’t? They’re delightful.


Nosferatu becomes a recurring character in our family. We imagine his awkward adolescent years (“Imagine Nosferatu at a Chuck E. Cheese birthday party?”), blame him for occurrences (“Who left the refridgerator door open? NOSFERATU, you rascal!!!”) and even pantomime putting on his adorable Nosferatu hat.


THE LESSONS: silent movies can be good…great even, a hint of the dominance of German expressionism, cool story about how the movie almost wasn’t because of public domain, PAs & Stoker’s widow. We even got into Bela Lugosi and the stage play that led to the Universal Dracula. We discuss the Count as the most ubiquitous fictitious character in history.

CHARLIE SAYS: “You wouldn’t expect a silent film to be scary, but this one was. Weird high hat jazz music whenever Nosferatu came on the screen, though. Daddy said this is probably not the right music. 3 stars. For it’s time, though, you know?”

FINN SAYS: “Gives me creepy nightmares. I’m not interested in this, honestly.” And he left, and it was all good. Before he left he pronounced the “H” in “honestly.”

Up Next: “Are there any other cool silent movies?”

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