1. Post my website in your favorites. Subscribe to follow, so you get e-mail notifications when I post. Follow me on Twitter (@JoeCostal ). Some assignments will be done on Twitter. See me with issues/concerns if you don’t have an account.

2. Download and thoroughly read your syllabus. This is an extremely important document. Read it, but like, for real. 

3. Complete this questionnaire. Write your answers on a separate sheet of paper, and make sure you bring the completed questionnaire to class with you on Monday.


Read the Purdue OWL’s guide to writing narratives. I will take questions on this Monday.

Chapter One of Shoeless Joe by WP Kinsella Be prepared to discuss (quiz).

The Usage Section of your Rules for Writers book.


Formal Writing #1: 

The New York Times has a “Room For Debate” section of their paper. 

In the section, four writers argue their perception of a given topic.

Read the prompt and ALL FOUR debater responses on the issue described here. 

After you have read the insights of all four cultural critics, write your own response. Why do we like watching rich people on TV? Why are we so obsessed with viewing the lives of people who have so little in common with us? What makes the 1% so fascinating? Be sure to discuss whether this obsession is good, bad or otherwise for the average American.

Response should be at least a page and a half typed. Specs for all writing are available in the syllabus.

***Please NOTE: This work should be completed for class. The assignments posted on the blog will always be due AFTER the class meeting dated. In other words, the blog is meant as a companion to the course lecture/discussion/activities. All assignments, unless otherwise noted, are due at  the subsequent class.