Before You Come to Class: 

  1. Make sure you are in D19. We will start at 6:30pm.
  2. Have electronic copy of Formal Essay #2 (in fact, if you get time, go ahead and print a hard copy as well) PLEASE NOTE: SHARE the narrative with me (joseph.costal@stockton.edu BEFORE class begins). 
  3. Family is ready with literary device assignments and prepped to battle over verbs & modifiers.

Class Agenda: 

1. Family Challenge #1 Presentation and Word Choice Battles

2. Narrative Peer Edits #1 & #2

3. FE Essay #1 Discussion & Editing Time


REVISE FE #1 by Friday, 11:59 pm

FE #2 by Sunday, 11:59pm


Conclusions from St. Cloud University writing department.


Read & annotate “You Can Find Love Now” by Ramona Ausubel. Respond to the short story in writing as Informal Writing #2.

Focus on one or more of the following questions. Do not attempt to answer them all. Include direct reference to the story. Find an APA citation for the story below. But, don’t just CITE, ALSO ATTRIBUTE. Consider using a better method for introduction. Be aware of a thesis statement. Allow the questions you are answering to drive your thesis:


1. What was your “horizon of expectation?” How did it affect your enjoyment, understanding?

2. What is the story’s exemplary moment? Why? How did you know? How did it drive the story’s overall purpose?

3. What rhetorical devices does the author use? How do they accentuate the story. If you read The Odyssey in high school, how did this story accentuate or otherwise widen your view of the original piece?

4. Did the format of the piece (the back and forth between the voice of the Cyclops and the voice of the computer program) accentuate how you related to the theme? If so, how specifically?

5. Do you think that the Cyclops will be successful in luring love back to his cave? Why or why not?

6. Is this good writing? How do you know?

7. Was this a hopeful story or a sad story? Discuss why you feel that way?

Here is the citation to use for your paper

Ausubel, R. (2014, June 9). You Can Find Love Now. The New Yorker. Retrieved September 28, 2016, from http://www.newyorker.com/2014/06/09/you-can-find-love-now