***Class is canceled Wednesday, March 1st. 

Before you Enter Class Tonight: 

  1. Be sure you are in D19. That is where class meets tonight.
  2. Be sure to have a digital copy of IW #4
  3. Be sure you have reviewed the “Clarity” section of Hacker
  4. Be sure you have shared your final copy of FE #2 with me.

Class Agenda

  1. Quizzie Poo (Clarity from Hacker)
  2. Writing Workshop
  3. Debrief Writing Workshop
  4. Reading Workshop: Close Reading


Class Activities: Writing Workshop Directions

  • Teams:
    • Donovan & Kass
    • Nick & Katlyn
    • Chris & Becca & Eleanor
    • Brendan & Brooke
  • Sit beside your partner
  • Share your papers with your partner and me.
  • Backwards Read aloud for syntax and mechanics
    • Please pay special attention to punctuation (especially commas)
  • Then read from beginning checking for development
  • Below your partner’s paper, add the following headers and your name (in bold faced type):
    • strategic introduction
    • viable thesis
    • exemplary moment
    • evidence of reasons for claim
    • evidence of “evidence”
    • well attributed & cited
  • Each editor will write one or two lines verifying each of the six headers above. If the writer succeeded in creating each element. Explain how? If not, provide advice explaining why
  • Each editor’s portion of this essay will be graded as a quiz.
  • I will make a nosy comment or two as you work.



  1. This comes from my old site. Food for thought to help with your next formal paper.
  2. Princeton University offers some excellent advice for avoiding plagiarism.
  3. This is a direct response to Irene’s excellent question last week. “You want us to describe, but not too much? You want us to be specific, but not too specific?” Here’s an article from University of North Carolina on “empty writing.” 


skubeFormal Essay #3: Persuasive Letter to a Hostile Audience


Read this article by Michael Skube.

Michael Skube provides his e-mail on the bottom of his scathing rebuke of today’s college student.

Here’s his argument broken down for you:

Claim: College students are dumber (and less able to handle the rigor of college) than ever before, and they’re getting dumber all the time.


  1. They have stopped reading books.
  2. They don’t know any words.

Evidence: mostly anecdotes from his experience as a teacher/professor & GPA data.

Argument: We’re all doomed if this is our future. We are heading toward an illiterate and destructively ill-prepared adult world.

Write Professor Skube a letter advancing your own argument. Agree with his claim. Or disagree and make your own. Either way, make sure you back up your claim with specific evidence from not only his text, but also at least two other sources. At least one source must be ACADEMIC, PEER REVIEWED from the Stockton database.

Use today’s workshop to guide your efforts.

Things to consider: role of schools/teachers, some colleges abolishing SAT scores, most high schools abolishing class rank, technology.

The paper should be approximately three to four pages.

Evidence backing your claim may also come from your own life or observations. You have been a student, so your opinion is entirely appropriate here.

Works Cited and parenthetical documentation MUST be in APA format.