Before You Enter Tonight: 

  1. Share your FE#3. This was due last night at 11:59pm.

Spring Break Assignment Sheet: 

Informal Writing #5: READ & ANNOTATE the following resources for writing literary analysis papers. Here’s a text book chapter that will help you better understand and prepare for the writing assignment. Also, this is from Harvard. This is just a “self-help” website, but both are valid.
Also, check out these info-graphics for some perspective on the ubiquity of sexual assault.
Apprentice Writer at Susquehanna University story called Heels

The Atlantic: The Rhett Butlers by @Katherine_Heiny (story fiction story is linked here).

Tell Them You Had a Mole Removed by Julie Hensley (poem: hard copy here, link to the audio).
Here’s a thesis for you to use for a paper regarding these stories:
Though the circumstances are much different, both the narrator of Heels and the protagonist of The Rhett Butlers embody traits common to victims of sexual assault.

In a well-developed, well-researched (at least one other source) paper, analyze some commonalities among these victims. Use textual references to both stories to draw your comparisons. Then take those comparisons, and use them to draw broader connections to real life circumstances of sexual assault. Think outside the box. Draw comparisons and connections. Do research that enlightens this often shrouded topic.
Informal Essay #6
Now that you’ve spent some time with literature about sexual assault. Read this piece from Broadly. about real-life examples of sexual assault on college campuses.
Then check out this “topic overview” page on sexual assault against women in general, hosted by The New York Times. 
Using these resources and at least one OTHER SCHOLARLY SOURCE that you find, write an essay that addressed the following:
What, in your opinion, should young people do to fight sexual violence against young women? What should we do as a society? Specifically, how should we address the complexities of these concerns for college campuses?