Before you enter class: 

  1. Have your analysis of oil spill article based on “Evaluating Quality” from last week

Class Schedule: 

  1. NO MEETING WEDNESDAY–Review Family Challenge that will meet in its place
  2. FE #3 Review, discussion & fixing notes:

Paper 1

  1. “Evaluating Quality” Discussion & Article Review


  1. REWRITE FE #3: Due Friday, March 24th by 11:59pm.
  3. Informal Writing #7: Evaluate the Quality of a PEER-REVIEWED or SCHOLARLY article of your choice. Write an essay that goes through (in prose form, no bullets please) the quality evaluation criteria discussed in class today on a database article on a topic that interests you. Please include an APA citation of the article with your essay.


Family Concept Challenge (in lieu of class on Wednesday): This family challenge represents the most common mechanical mistakes represented by FE #3.

1. Get in your families.

2. Your family will receive an “error” from the ancient art of Rho-Sham-Beau Circle of Death.

3. Research the term. Understand what the error is, provide the class with advice on how to avoid or fix the error moving forward.

In other words, for each device, you must:
a. Define each. Show us how we are making the mistake. Do this with some type of visual aid (power point, web site, etc).

b. How will we remember to edit out these mistakes on our own?

c. Describe how each might also be done better or fixed in our writing?

d. The class will be quizzed on the errors included in this presentation. Besides the quiz grades, each family will receive a grade for how well the

You will be graded on the following: 

  1. How well do you understand the problem?
  2. How well did you communicate that understanding (does the class understand?)?
  3. How good was your visual representation of the problem?
  4. How good is your information (please email Joe an APA citation with your research for this Family Challenge)?
  5. Did your presentation include each family member equally?

The problems to chose from: 

  1. hasty generalizations (overall fallacy of argument logic) Delta
  2. misplaced modifiers (sentence structure issue) Ick
  3. passive/active voice (sentence structure voice not narrative voice) Goblet St. Claire
  4. perspective shifts (think: pronoun use in the essays) Grammar Police
  5. verb tense shifts

Presentations will take place on Monday, March 27, 2017