Before You Enter Class: 

  1. Family should be ready to present on Family Challenge topic. Specs here.
  2. Make sure you have written your Informal Essays from before Spring Break (or, at the very least, read the required works). Here. 
  3. You should have submitted a final draft of formal #3 Friday.


Class Agenda: 

  1. Family Presentations
  2. Assignment Review: Literary Analysis Paper Prep / Annotated Bibliography
  3. Finish quality evaluation discussion (family activity)
  4. IF TIME: Plagarism activity
  5. IF TIME: Lecture on Rhetorical appeals


Wednesday, March 29th, class will meet in D19 computer lab. 

Formal Essay #4: The Annotated Bibliography: Working Thesis for the Literary Analysis Paper (Formal Essay #5) See your class notes for more on this.

  • For more on annotated bibliographies, watch this video & read the site from the University of Maryland (Fear the Turtle) and this from Purdue Owl (jerks messed up my bracket).
  • Your annotated bib must contain at least seven entries. Each annotation, should be at least three to five sentences and answer ONE KEY QUESTION: How will I use this source to support my thesis. 
  • Share the annotations with me by 6pm Wednesday. Be sure to have access to them for class on Wednesday.