Before You Come to Class: 

Share with me and have available, Formal Essay #4 with working thesis for Formal Essay #4.

Class Resources: 

As a class…

Ned Stark – Commercial article

Game of Thrones – Scholarly article

On Your Own…

Article #1: Common type of lit analysis writing found all over the internet these days.

Article #1A

Article #2: Reading Harry Potter as a Sacred Text

Article #3: Film reviews (criticisms), when done well, capture the combination of sound rhetorical arguments for not only why the critic liked the work, but why the work evinces good quality (remember our checklist). In pursuit of this, great critics analyze the work in a broader, often social context. No one did it better than Roger Ebert. Here are two of my favorites (the movies & the reviews).

Article #3A


Class Activity: 

Each family will chose a annotated bibliography and thesis to share with the class (do this by simply pointing out to me). Each family will present the following:

  1. Why does the thesis work?
  2. Are all of the sources credible?
  3. Are any scholarly (peer-reviewed)? If so, which ones and how do you know?
  4. How does this exercise illustrate a literary analysis paper that truly comes together.


  1. Read the articles above. Be prepared for a reading quiz.
  2. Formal Essay #5: Literary Analysis Paper: Use the checklist you were given in class.
    • Otherwise, paper should be approx 4 pages. APA formatted works cited.