Before Class: 

1. Be sure to review your notes on objective correlative.

2. Be sure you have access to FE #5.

Cold Open: 

GLACIER EXIT from Raphael Rogers on Vimeo.

IDEA, please

Opening Writing

Allegory of the Cave

Essay Discussion. 

Reading Quiz: 

For the given article, on your computer, do the following (each answer should be at least five sentences):

  1. Identify the objective correlative of the article. How do you know? How does the OC carry the thematic and emotional weight of the piece.
  2. What is the exemplary moment of the article. Explain why.
  3. Analyze the final sentence of the article specifically. What does the wording and ambiguity of the sentence reveal about the author’s intention? How do you know? What is the dominant impression tjunot-diazhe author hopes to leave the reader with?

Family Revision:

When you’re done with the quiz. Share with me o
n Google. Label it Reading Quiz April 10.

Then print two copies of FE #5.

Today, we will do a group revision of this essay. Use this resource as reference as you work (I will also provide guidance).

Link to revision form here.


FE#5 Revision due Friday, April 14th @ 11:59 pm.

San Francisco 49ers v Carolina Panthers

FE #6: NY Times debate on flag saluting. Just like essay #1 … except … here are the rules.

  1. Take a stance on this issue (could be an off-shoot of what is discussed here, as long as it is a viable argument)
  2. Research to develop the argument into a thesis.
  3. Develop and support that thesis with a combination of textual evidence from the works provided, YOUR OWN EXTERNAL SOURCES (you must use at least one scholarly, peer-reviewed source).
  4. At least three pages. APA works cited page and parenthetical documentation.
  5. You can get creative with your argument, as long as it relates to the issue presented.

April 17, 2017 reading:

Donald Trump & Plato

The problem with North Korea