Stockton Rhet Comp: Class #5: February 07, 2018

“Anxiety is the cousin visiting from out of town that depression felt obligated to invite to the party…Mom, I am the party, only I’m a party I don’t want to be at.”  – Sabrina Benaim



  1. PLEASE Be sure you are using the correct label when you share your papers with me. If you did not, fix it. Yourname FE #1.2
  2. Make sure a link to your blog was shared with me.
  3. Make sure you have a copy of The Atlantic article from the first night of class.



  1. Reading Audit/Reading Discussion
  2. Past Reading assignment synthesis and discussion
  3. Reading Lecture



Obama on Letterman #1 :

Obama on Letterman #2: 



  1. Read this article on TechCrunch about how Facebook is trying to quell the social media driven bias the President spoke of. 

2. Watch this…and try amazing hour for this weekend. See what it stimulates in your brain (I am going to try it as well). Then, on Sunday, write an entry about it in your blog (label it Blog #4: AMAZING HOUR) and tell me all about what it did (or didn’t do) for you. This blog will not be graded Monday, but I’d love to have a conversation about AMAZING HOUR on Monday.

3. In synthesizing our fact-check discussion, poke around this site tonight and see what you find.

4. Read “The Money” by Junot Diaz, originally published in The New Yorker. Be prepared to discuss.

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