Stockton Rhet & Comp #6: February 21, 2018: FAMILY DAY!



  1. Read your homework.



  1. Quiz/Quiz Review
  2. Narrative Notes Part 1 (To
  3. Meet Your Families (Start-Up Time & first assignments)
  4. Family Fun #1 (grammar quiz synthesis)
  5. Family Fun #2 (Usage Compete)
  6. Family Fun #3 (Parts of Speech compete…verb off & Ballard article)
  7. More reading lecture if time




  1. What is “amazing hour?” Write one sentence describing it and three sentences about how it went for you.
  2. Do you remember the term “objective correlative?” If so, define it. Tell me how the “money” is an objective correlative in Diaz’s essay.
  3. In three sentences, describe ONE of the algorithm changes Facebook is toying with. In an additional three sentences, weigh in on the impact of Facebook/social media algorithms on your own life. Is it generally healthy/unhealthy?



  1. SHOW ME! Tell a single story. SOME of you are JUST DESCRIBING CRAP…mostly your feelings. Or you are telling me ALL about something.
  2. Be concrete…the vagueness game
  3. Watch tense shifts in verbs. Be aware and read it aloud. If you want to stay in past tense (and for the most part you do, CNTRL + F present tense verbs like “is” and “am” to root out problems.
  4. Avoid the “and then” … “and then” syndrome
  5. Passive/active voice
  6. Don’t miss a chance for direct dialog.
  7. ww = wrong word / sp = spelling

student work examples.






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