1. Remember that classes have moved: 3:30pm in D19/6pm in D18
  2. Be sure you have access to the following: FE #1, in fact, go ahead and print one out for class AND a copy of the article you used for Blog Post #1 assigned last week (Class #5).



  1. Family Challenge #2: Prepping Source Credibility
  2. Final Narrative Edit. Pair up within your families and go through editing sheet. Each writer/editor pairing will turn in a marked up hard copy of the narratives tonight or in class on Wednesday (Monday for 3:30pm class). FINAL FE#1 due by by 11:59pm, Wednesday, October 4th. 




  1. As a family, you will do the following:
    1. Open a Google doc and share it with one another and me (
    2. Title the Google Doc: Family Name Challenge #2
    3. Using Hacker or the internet as reference, provide an APA citation for the four articles contributed by each member of your family.
    4. As a family, review each of the articles used for Blog Post #1
    5. Choose the article among the four that evinces the best, most credible information
    6. Beneath that article’s citation, explain (in at least five sentences) how you arrived at that

A great website for creating APA citations. 

Link to the original Narrative Peer Edit checklist 





Wednesday’s (10/4) 330pm class will be canceled. 

REVIEW: Hacker Usage Section/Hacker Clarity section beginning on page 125.


Blog Post #3:

Watch the videos included below from Cage the Elephant & Modest Mouse (respectively). See how the videos’ directors (Issac Rentz & Chris Milk) uses visual language to communicate theme. In many ways, “visual rhetoric” works the same as “compositional rhetoric.”

Choose one of the two videos to work with. Or, choose a common element found in each and consider both as comparison/contrast.

First, begin by analyzing the theme or central idea of the piece. How is this communicated in both broad and subtle ways? How, specifically, is metaphor used? How do the visuals work with the song itself (lyrics available online). Consider an “exemplary moment” and “horizon of expectation.”

Use direct reference to either the song or visuals in the video. APA citations for the videos are provided for you below the videos. No other sources are required for this assignment, but if you are welcome to use one, just would like to use one, be sure to cite and attribute.




Rentz, Issac. [CageTheElephantVEVO]. (2011, January 20). Shake Me Down. [Video File].        Retrieved from

Milk, Chris. [ModestMouseVEVO]. (2009, October 3). Ocean Breathes Salty. [Video File]. Retrieved from