Stockton Rhetoric & Composition: Class #9A: February 28, 2018



  1. The first ten minutes of class will be devoted to family time. Prepare to discuss the common article for credibility evaluation. Also, be prepared to present a cred eval graph to the class based on your own article.



  1. Prep/Discussion/Presentations
  2. Mini Lesson on first reference and viable attribution
  3. Video Viewing Quiz/Discussion
  4. Assignment Review
  5. Poetry Reading
  6. Family Challenge: Parallelism



“For example Vicki Courtney from Focus on the Family said … “

“In fact in a article called “what are the positive and negative effects of technology”, by Hebe Soffar, it states that…”

THE BROADER ESSENTIAL QUESTION: What is the purpose of patriotism? Can protest be patriotic? And, how does a history of injustice and inequality in this nation affect our shared understanding of our national symbols?  Can protests involving national symbols be construed as acts of patriotism? What role does the First Amendment play in any of this? How are the complexities of the First Amendment part and parcel to the issues of race & patriotism played out in this country?

Video Viewing Quiz: Identify an exemplary moment from the VICE documentary. Makes specific reference to it, and in a paragraph, explain how the moment exemplifies the overall theme of the piece.




WRITE FE #3: Argument Essay A: Choose a side. In at least two pages, defend one of the following two arguments:

Yes! I support the NFL players national anthem protests. OR No! I do NOT support the NFL players anthem protests.

Paper MUST include direct citation and reference to at least one article provided, and at least one OTHER source of your choosing. Be sure it is credible.

This paper must include an APA works cited page AND parenthetical documentation.

Do not simply CITE, also please ATTRIBUTE your writing. Samples of all of these concepts are available:

APA Works Cited page.

APA in-text citations. 

Plus, OWL created this handy guide.

Additional, optional readings and resources for this paper: “What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?” by Frederick Douglass. two Washington Post articles: here and here.  John Legend on why the NFL protests are patriotic. And here is a CNN reporter explaining why the protest is offensive. New York Times columnist David Brooks on why not to kneel during the anthem. And, from the same publication, is Colin Kaepernick a “patriot?”

Also, please consider using the VICE & HBO documentary.


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