SPECIAL NOTE: Class will be held in computer lab D19 (3:30pm) and D26 (6pm)

Due to the computer lab, presentations will be postponed once again (SORRY!) until Wednesday. Be ready to present then.

Please check FE#2 and make sure you have labeled it correctly. (EXAMPLE: Smith FE#2.3). You should remove “Costal Edit” from the title)



Class Activity #1: Parallelism Quiz. One member of your family should open a file and share it with each other and ME.

Class Activity #2: Writing Workshop Directions

  • Get in families. Partner off. Digitally share your FE#2 with one another.
  • At the end of your partner’s paper, add the following headers and your name (in a colored ink). For each concept, write at least two sentences explaining why the element either “worked well” or “did not work well.”
    • strategic/divisive introduction
      • Does it get the reader’s attention?
      • Does it set-up the thesis?
    • viable thesis (the claim)
      • Is the claim clear & appropriate?
      • Yellow highlight the sentence you believe to be the thesis
    • exemplary moment
      • Each paper’s BEST point or evidence should be highlighted in GREEN.
      • At the bottom, explain why you chose this moment.
    • evidence of reasons for claim
      • Highlight the paper’s BEST evidence in PINK
      • Highlight the paper’s WEAKEST evidence in LIGHT BLUE
    • well attributed & cited
      • Are all the sources credible? Are any scholarly?




  1. This comes from my old site. Food for thought to help with your next formal paper.
  2. Princeton University offers some excellent advice for avoiding plagiarism.
  3. This is a direct response to Irene’s excellent question last week. “You want us to describe, but not too much? You want us to be specific, but not too specific?” Here’s an article from University of North Carolina on “empty writing.” 

*If your partner’s edits, lead to another version of your paper, make appropriate changes…BUT DO NOT GET RID OF THEIR EDITS

**I will give you time before the presentations of OFCARL on Wednesday