Stockton Rhetoric & Composition Class #11A: March 19th, 2018


Before you enter class:

Have digital copy of FE#4

Class Agenda: 

  1. Review missed class agenda
  2. Questions about Costal’s videos
  3. Family edit assignment


***For those of ya’ll not in class Monday. Find a partner and do this edit of each other’s papers. 

Class Activity: Writing Workshop Directions

  • Digitally share your FE#4 with a family member.
  • At the end of your partner’s paper, add the following headers and your name (in a colored ink). For each concept, write at least two sentences explaining why the element either “worked well” or “did not work well.”
    • strategic/divisive introduction
      • Does it get the reader’s attention?
      • Does it set-up the thesis?
    • viable thesis (the claim)
      • Is the claim clear & appropriate?
      • Yellow highlight the sentence you believe to be the thesis
    • exemplary moment
      • Each paper’s BEST point or evidence should be highlighted in GREEN.
      • At the bottom, explain why you chose this moment.
    • evidence of reasons for claim
      • Highlight the paper’s BEST evidence in PINK
      • Highlight the paper’s WEAKEST evidence in LIGHT BLUE
    • well attributed & cited
      • Are all the sources credible? Are any scholarly?



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