1. Be ready for quizzie poo that references the Clarity section of Hacker.
  2. Have scholarly article per this assignment.
  3. Have “OF CARL” of three articles per this assignment.



  1. Assignment prep.
  2. Family huddle/ quizzie poo.
  3. Family presentations.



Quizzie-Poo: Follow directions on the given paper (approx 20 mins).

Presentation Prep and Notes: 

Each member of your family should have: one scholarly article put through OFCARL & three article from your given publication put through OFCARL.

Step One: Give each member of your family an opportunity to explain their individual findings. Begin with your publication of choice. Let each member give brief insight into the article she chose, how OFCARL worked out and whether or not the articles led her to believe that the given publication WAS credible or WAS NOT CREDIBLE. (approx 20 minutes)

Step Two: After everyone has presented her individual findings, come together as a family and apply the individual ideas to the creation of an OFCARL chart for the ENTIRE PUBLICATION. Reach consensus on each point and be ready to defend your findings to the class. (approx. 10 minutes).

Step Three: For each component of OFCARL, choose an excerpt or aspect of an article to point to as you present your findings to the class. For example, if one of your articles had a particularly strong or effective fact. Cut and copy the text or a URL that you could show the class. Chose from the articles that your family read that best illustrates your overall OFCARL. Have it available to refer to during your presentation (approx 20 mins).

Step Four: Each family member will present on Monday, so take time to coordinate your speaking points. Take time to prepare evidence DIRECTLY from your articles that corresponds to the articles you will use in class. Consider creating some type of graphic organizer to keep all links or pasted text excerpts organized for your presentation. You should also create a visual chart for the class to see your OFCARL checklists. Consider using a power point slide, Google forms  or something easily accessible (20 mins).


Evidence of preparation for this project (How fluid the presentation is): 25 points.

How well the family seems to understand OFCARL: 20 points.

How well the family connects OFCARL to evidence from text: 20 points.

How good a visual the family uses: 10 points.

How well the family seems to work together: 10 points.

Did everyone participate?: 15 points.




skubeFormal Essay #3: Persuasive Letter to a Hostile Audience

**Special note: Hostile audience readings were included in last class’s homework.

Read this article by Michael Skube.

Michael Skube provides his e-mail on the bottom of his scathing rebuke of today’s college student.

Here’s his argument broken down for you:

Claim: College students are dumber (and less able to handle the rigor of college) than ever before, and they’re getting dumber all the time.


  1. They have stopped reading books.
  2. They don’t know any words.

Evidence: mostly anecdotes from his experience as a teacher/professor & GPA data.

Argument: We’re all doomed if this is our future. We are heading toward an illiterate and destructively ill-prepared adult world.

Write Professor Skube a letter advancing your own argument. Agree with his claim. Or disagree and make your own. Either way, make sure you back up your claim with specific evidence from not only his text, but also at least two other sources. At least one source must be ACADEMIC, PEER REVIEWED from the Stockton database. Have at least three credible sources in the paper overall.

Use class notes/readings/lectures to guide your efforts.

Things to consider: role of schools/teachers, some colleges abolishing SAT scores, most high schools abolishing class rank, technology.

The paper should be approximately four pages.

Evidence backing your claim may also come from your own life or observations. You have been a student, so your opinion is entirely appropriate here.

Works Cited and parenthetical documentation MUST be in APA format.

Due by class time on Monday, November 6th.