Formal Essay #4: Literary Analysis with Non-Fiction Reference

Here’s a thesis for you to use for a paper regarding these stories:

Though the circumstances are much different, both the narrator of Heels and the protagonist of The Rhett Butlers embody traits common to victims of sexual assault.

In a well-developed, well-researched (at least three sources overall) paper, analyze some commonalities among these victims. Use textual references to both stories to draw your comparisons. Then take those comparisons, and use them to draw broader connections to real life circumstances of sexual assault. Think: Weinstein, Spacey, stats on violent attacks!
Think outside the box. Draw comparisons and connections. Do research that enlightens this often shrouded topic.
Real-life examples of sexual assault and the changing social perceptions surrounding victims is — sadly — ALL AROUND US!
 ONE SOURCE MUST BE SCHOLARLY OR PEER REVIEWED! Think in terms of statistics or facst about sexual assault that shed light on the situation.