Stockton Rhetoric & Composition Class Post #14: Wednesday, April 17, 2018



  1. share annotated bibliography assignment



COURSE MEETS in D18 tonight!!! We will meet next two Mondays in D18 lab!

Rate my class, please. Do it here. 

  1. Field Trip to C/D atrium
  2. Questions on previous assignments (mixing the appeals mini lecture)
  3. Upcoming assignments and Monday Class specs
  4. Plagiarism Activity
  5. more Objective Correlative


Formal Essay #6 (Last essay before final): Four page minimum, APA formatted works cited, at least two scholarly, peer-reviewed sources.

OPTION A: Write the essay you prepped in your annotated bibliography.

OPTION B: If you’re tired of sex…

Write an essay that answers the following: Is college worth it? Is college still an important step in life, or has it become COMPLETELY OVER-RATED?

If you Google “college not worth it,” you get resources from the CNN, Forbes, Fortune & PBS. That might be a good place to start.




Family Concept Challenge: This family challenge represents the most logical fallacies that occur in argumentation.

1. Get in your families.

2. Your family will receive an “fallacy” from the ancient art of Rho-Sham-Beau Circle of Death.

3. Research the term. Understand what the fallacy is, provide the class with at least three examples of how the fallacy might be used in argumentation. One should be a poor example (obvious), one a strong example (not so obvious) and one should be REAL (researched).

The class will be quizzed on these fallacies on Wednesday.  Besides the quiz grades, each family will receive a grade for presenting.

You will be graded on the following: 

  1. How well do you understand the fallacy?
  2. How well did you communicate that understanding (does the class understand?)?
  3. How good was your visual representation of the problem?
  4. How good are EACH of your three examples?
  5. Did your presentation include each family member equally?

The problems to chose from: 

  1. ad hominem (Fam Squad)
  2. ad populum (Por Favor)
  3. bandwagon (Blog Gods)
  4. hasty generalization (Fire Duckies)
  5. non sequitur (Aluminum Foil)
  6. post hoc
  7. strawman fallacy (Inklings)

Presentations will take place on Monday, April 23, 2018





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